"I was very impressed by the thoroughness of his preparation, the intelligence of his direction and the sensitive quality of the final film.  He is insightful... a joy to work with."  
--Bruce Joel Rubin (Oscar-winning Screenwriter: Ghost, Jacob's Ladder, My Life)

"Guy dove into the project with his full enthusiasm, invited feeling from the performers, supported the material, and brought the scenes to life.  And the room was full of emotion when the reading was done."
--Anna Thomas (Oscar-nominated Screenwriter: Frida)

"I wanted to be dancing in the streets with the entire cast!" (for The Wheel Goes Round, a musical film)
--Susan Stroman (5-time Tony-winner & Director/Creator: Crazy For You, The Producers)

"I love knowing I'm in good cinemagraphic hands..." (for The Apologist, short film)
--Bruce Kennedy (Emmy-winning Writer/Producer)

"Guy did a short film on me for the Cortland Review. He spent a day with me at my home, during which he asked good questions, and followed me around with his hand-held camera. A day is a long time, and I'm sure I said things of varying interest, and of varying banality too. I was worried about the final product, but it proved to be marvelously edited. I couldn't have been more pleased. He even made me sound smart."
--Stephen Dunn (Pulitzer Prize-winning author)

"Guy's participation has taken my workshop to a higher and more demanding level of expertise.  He has shown himself to be a director who can communicate quickly and creatively, and his assessment of the material and how a scene is to flow is stellar."  (as guest-director for Tom's acting class)
--Tom Grail (TG Theatre Group)

"Guy has an innate talent in creating events into being. His magnetic personality and compassionate disposition along with a very skillful directing style fuels his success. He rocks!"
--Deena Levy (Master Instructor/Owner, Deena Levy Theatre studio)

"...well made and very well acted" (for The Apologist)

--Richard Shepard (Writer/Director, The Matador, starring Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear)

"You captured the essence of the man.  The other films will be forgotten.  Yours will live forever." (for Conversations with an Ad Man, documentary on advertising legend David Ogilvy)
--Ken Roman (Author, former CEO of Ogilvy & Mather)

"Working with Guy was a wonderful experience. He not only brought tremendous energy, vision, and imagination to the project, he was also meticulously well-organized and efficient. He sensed intuitively how to work most effectively with me and somehow mustered the bottomless patience required to do so. Above all, it was always abundantly clear that his deepest motivation was nothing more than to make the work truly great, whatever that required in the moment."
--Adam Strauss (Stand-up comedian and author/performer of the 4-star one-man-show The Mushroom Cure)

"Guy Shahar really brought my one-woman show, A Place to Live, to life. His direction was highly creative and he was a pleasure to work with. His vibrant ideas about blocking, voice and expression gave my project a great sense of energy and vitality. He respected my ideas while encouraging me to expand upon what I had written and turn words on a page into theater. I would gladly work with him again."
--Robin Eisgrau (Writer/Performer, A Place To Live)

"When I first saw Guy's clips from Sundance 2013 I knew I had something special. So I recruited him to shoot and direct a special feature. Guy has the gift to capture the story behind the scene. What a joy it is to have this guy on the team!"
--Will Sanchez (Executive Producer & Host of GottaRun with Will)